As companies in fully-insured arrangements are subjected to ever-increasing premia and loss of control over their insurance plans, many are turning to self-funded strategies.  Such strategies allow companies to more accurately predict costs, implement true cost-saving risk-control tactics, and gain control over plan designs and rate structures.  VOYAGEUR can provide the following self-funded services:

For Companies:

  • Serve as your broker to re-insurers, networks, and third-party administrators in order to design the most appropriate self-funded plan for you.

  • If your company is fully-insured, consult with you to determine the feasibility of transitioning to a self-funded arrangement and manage that transition if appropriate.

  • If your company is self-funded, serve as your broker and/or consult with you to determine whether your plan is performing optimally and recommend solutions to help it do so.

For Brokers:

  • Serve as part of your team to help you advise your clients, as well as help you design and manage their self-funded plans.

  • If you are new to self-insurance, guide you through its intricacies and help you access key re-insurers, networks, TPAs, and pioneering solutions like Reference-Based Pricing for medical plans.

For Companies and Brokers:

  • Set up a Captive Insurance Arrangement for you or for you and like-minded companies.


Whether you are a CFO or business owner who needs to provide for business-continuity in the case of a personal disaster, an executive who travels extensively, a manager of an off-site or extra-territorial office, or you are an athlete or celebrity with unique personal concerns, or even a family on holiday vacation, VOYAGEUR has the solutions and especial access to insurance carriers and, through Global Rescue, access to rescue teams and emergency medical professionals.  Among VOYAGEUR'S services under FOCUS II are:

  • Key Person Life Plans

  • Key Person Disability Plans

  • Travel-Accident Insurance

  • Critical Asset Protection

  • Contractual Bonus Coverage

  • Medical Care and Extraction through VOYAGEUR'S partnership with Global Rescue (see the GlobalRescue page)


A select group of clients - large groups and small groups, self-insured and fully-insured, companies, individuals, and families - require and value the EXPERTISE, KNOWLEDGE, & FORESIGHT that VOYAGEUR STRATEGIES brings to the relationship.