VOYAGEUR can help you make the change to self-funding, or, if you already are self-funded, help you maximize the benefits of being so.  If you are a broker, we can help you manage your self-funded clients and utilize our key relationships to help you set up better self-funded plans.



VOYAGEUR has the access and relationships to provide for your Key Person needs, whether you are a travelling executive, an athlete or celebrity, an extra-territorial work unit, or an individual or family on holiday.  VOYAGEUR can provide for business continuity and has the solutions for worst-case scenarios.



For those groups and individuals that demand and value the  EXPERTISE, KNOWLEDGE, and INSIGHT that VOYAGEUR STRATEGIES brings to each of its client relationships.  This is an intentionally small group so that VOYAGEUR can ensure that each client receives concierge-level service and attention.



VOYAGEUR strongly recommends GLOBAL RESCUE to travellers and companies with teams working away from headquarters, especially in extra-territorial locations.  GLOBAL RESCUE provides 24/7/365  integrated medical, security, travel risk and crisis response services to its worldwide members.


Your Guide through Complex Human Risks



Dr. J. Kent Gregory formed Voyageur Strategies to focus on three increasingly important areas of human capital risk management.  The first is self-funding, a method of retaining risk that has become increasingly prevalent as the fully-insured model has been broken by steep rises in premia and deductibles.  Dr. Gregory brings to play his especial experience with Captive insurance programs and transitioning fully-insured groups to self-insured arrangements, along with trusted relationships with re-insurers, networks, and third-party administrators.


The second area comprises sophisticated arrangements for key individuals and teams, whether this is key-person insurance, insurance for athletes and celebrities, or domestic and extra-territorial travel and extraction programs for individuals and groups.  This area is an outgrowth of the self-insurance focus as many self-insured groups have key-person risks that they wish to address; it also comes from Dr. Gregory’s global travel and work experience, first-hand knowledge of natural disasters, and his recognition of the increasingly perilous domestic and extra-territorial environment.

Voyageur's third focus area is that of Key Accounts, a group comprised of sophisticated clients who require access to high-level and high-quality expertise.


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